Baseline Study

The effects of climate change on natural resources are characterized by various forms of uncertainties; rate and magnitude of climate change, response of natural resources, the way society responds to the impacts, etc. The Strategic Pilot on Adaptation to Climate Change (SPACC) Project initiated a baseline study to document the various indicators related to climate change impacting natural resources, in Andhra Pradesh in general and 9 pilot Hydrological Units, in particular.

The baseline study includes:

The approach is based on a classic analytical framework:

Key indicators of climate variability that are considered in the baseline study are:

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Study will assess the vulnerability and adaptive capacity across the major sectors and sections of the society will be carried out as part of the study. The vulnerability assessment in land and water will be given priority as majority of the livelihoods are derived by the usage of these resources.

Key indicators of climate variability hazard and vulnerability that are considered in the study are:

The study focuses on most vulnerable sections of the society including the socially under privileged, aged, women and children especially in meeting the nutritional security. Identification and assessment of risks at the community level is done, using participatory tools.

Baseline Study Report


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